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What is Hack the Light UP?

It’s the first interactive lighting hackathon in Spain where professionals (designers, architects) will collaborate with programmers, artists and makers to work together to build creative lighting projects.

How does it work?

Participants will have 24h to form a team, decide on a project and develop a prototype in a collaborative environment, together with other participants and mentors.

Everything goes as far as it’s lighting related

Hack on anything you want, maybe you want to create a game, an installation, a wearable or hack one of the icons of the modern Barcelona, The Glòries Tower!


This year we are going to have 4 amazing lighting challenges with great prizes. They will be unveiled at the beginning of the hackathon, We cannot wait to see what do you come up with!



18h30: Pre-Hackathon Meetup

10h-10h30: Kick off by ProtoPixel Team and mentors

10h30-11h: Presentation of available technologies

11h-12h: Minute Madness: present your idea in 1 minute and find people to team up with

12h-20h: Hacking session (lunch is on us!)

10h30-16h: Hack!

16-17h: Projects Presentation

Winners announcement 

Mentors 2019

Mentors 2020 To be announced soon!

Daniel Gallardo

Daniel Gallardo

Co-Founder & R&D Lead at ProtoPixel
Moritz Behrens

Moritz Behrens

Architect, interaction designer and researcher at Ingo Maurer
Imanol Gómez

Imanol Gómez

Creative Technologist
Alex Posada

Alex Posada

Digital creator, Founder of MID studio
Pelayo Méndez Flórez

Pelayo Méndez Flórez

Digital Artist
David Giribet

David Giribet

Director at Audiovisual Projects Studio
Luis Fraguada

Luis Fraguada

Designer,Programmer, Founder of Datable Studio
Fèlix Vinyals

Fèlix Vinyals

Biotronic Artist and Director of the Creative Engineering Studio "
Laia Zanon

Laia Zanon

Director of Creative Production at WildBytes
Jose Vaaliña

Jose Vaaliña

Eyesberg Studio


  • What the organisers are providing for our prototypes?

    We will provide you with LED strips, power supplies and ProtoPixel technology. Please keep in mind that our material is limited.

  • What should I bring if selected?

    Please bring your laptop and any material and tools you think you will need for your prototype (i.e. screwdriver, textiles, plastics, wood…)

  • Who holds the intellectual property of the project?
    Participants own the rights of the projects they create during the hackathon.
  • Who can apply?
    Anyone with interest in lighting design and lighting technology is welcomed to apply.
  • Can I hack by myself ?
    Yes, but we strongly recommend to team up with other participants (the meetup on the 16th will give you the chance to meet the other participants and your future team mates !).
  • How many people can participate and what will be the selection process?
    First come first served. We have 30 spots available: if you don’t make it in the first 30 applications, we’ll keep you in a waiting list in case someone cancel his/her participation.
  • I want to make a hack with the Glòries Tower: what type of content can I create?
    You are free to create any type of content as far as it’s respectful. Consider that it’s a public building and we will screen the content participants will submit before sending it to the Tower.
  • I have already an idea, can I develop it during the hackathon?
    Yes, and you can pitch your idea on the 17th morning and find some team mates to help you.
  • What if I have a project already developed?
    Where’s the fun of hacking if you already did your own project at home? 😉

About the organizers

ProtoPixel creates cutting edge lighting control technology and designs expressive and interactive experiences for the entertainment, hospitality and retail market.

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